Friday, February 9, 2018

UT Student Punished for Seeking Copies of Old Math Exams on Facebook

A University of Texas student who went online to request copies of old math tests by a professor received a penalty ("UT Student on Academic Probation after Posting in Facebook Group." The Daily Texan, January 29, 2018). While the university administrators said that they do not monitor online student activity, they will act if they are alerted about a suspected student conduct infraction.

Discussion Questions:
  1. While we do not know if the student actually received any of the requested exams and the answers to the questions, do you think it's fair that the student is put on academic probation for the act of asking for the exams? Why or why not?
  2. What should happen if a student supplied old exams by a professor upon request? Should that supplier get the same punishment as the requester?
  3. Do you think studying the old exams gives a student an unfair advantage in future testing? Why or why not?

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