Saturday, December 21, 2013

Is Actor Shia LeBeouf a Serial Plagiarist?

After actor Shia LeBeouf came under fire for taking the idea without attribution for his short film, from graphic novel author, Daniel Clowes, other writings by LeBeouf are suspected of being plagiarized from uncredited sources ("Shia LeBeouf Plagiarizes More Apologies, Website Sections,", December 20, 2013).

Evidence suggests that LaBeouf used comments and works by American writer Charles Bukowski, French writer Benoit Duteurtre, golfer Tiger Woods, and former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara without crediting them. Reports mention that Clowes is considering legal action against the actor.

Discussion Questions:
  1. Based on this article, it seems that even LeBeouf's apologies were ripped off from others. Why do you think a noted personality so easily becomes what appears to be a serial plagiarist?
  2. With the availability of search engines to easily corroborate claims of plagiarism in online sources, why would someone take the chance of ruining their integrity and ability to get hired for their creative abilites by using the work of others without citing? Isn't LeBeouf already rich and famous as an actor, so he doesn't need to be a filmmaker?
  3. Is it arrogance or ignorance that caused LeBeouf to engage in this behavior?