Friday, August 31, 2012

Take-Home Exam Cheating by 125 Harvard Students

Some 125 Harvard students face an investigation after their take-home exams from spring 2012 displayed striking similarities that suggest unauthorized collaboration (Bloomberg Businessweek, August 31, 2012, "Harvard Cheating Probe Under Way for About 125"). "Penalties may include a warning or probation, and some students may be exonerated," said Jay Harris, dean of undergraduate education.

Discussion Questions:
  1. Traditionally, take-home exams allow students to have freedom to use a variety of sources. How can a professor prevent students from discussing a take-home exam or using the same sources to answer the questions that may cause their answers to seem duplicated?
  2. Should academically advanced students at a prestigious university like Harvard know that cheating of any type of test is against the rules? Or do you think the professor's instructions to the class may have been unclear?
  3. Has their been further news on this story that sheds light on why this situation occurred? Check a library news database like ProQuest Newspapers to see if new information has surfaced about this topic.