Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ethical Considerations When You Have 2 or More Jobs

The Vancouver (BC) Sun highlights the issue of working for more than one employer in its September 20, 2008 issue ("Career Hazards Are Hiding in the Moonlight"). The problems usually surface when you hold 2 or more different jobs with employers in the same or related line of business. You may inadvertently disclose proprietary information to the other employer or one employer may believe you are doing work "on behalf" of the other company. The best policy is to be honest about your work situation with both employers.

Discussion Questions:
  1. Should employers prevent their workers from taking a second job in a related industry?
  2. Do you think it would be difficult to keep company secrets from being disclosed to another employer in a related industry?
  3. If your second job is in an unrelated field, does your other employer need to know about it?
  4. What are other concerns related to taking a second or third job to make extra money?

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